Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear Cooper,

Today...or tomorrow...or at some point in the next 24 hours you are 11 months old!!! There is no February 30th, so...I am not sure when to consider your 11 month birthday to be. You were not very happy with this month's photo shoot, so I had to bribe you with everything I could find. By the time I finally gave up and let you go, I had broken out in a sweat! You are BUSY!!

You Have TWO teeth! Well, more like 3/4 of a tooth and 1/4 of a tooth, but they are coming up fast! It took long enough!

You have taken several steps on your own! I am pretty sure that the first few times you had no idea what you had done. Since then you seem to have realized that you are moving around unassisted and you are much more timid now!
You still love to wrestle! We have a lot of fun playing with you on the floor. You remind me of a baby bull...or maybe a mountain goat. Everything gets bumped with your head! You charge into the fray head down and ram anything that comes in your way! It is really funny!
You love to laugh! It doesn't take much to get you going. You are particularly fond of deep voices. And being chased. Those things make you laugh and squeal every time!

You HATE diaper changes! I think the issue is mainly based on the fact that you don't want to be forced to be still for that long! Usually, by the time I am finished changing you, my arms burn from fighting your unnaturally strong little body!
You love to scrunch up your nose! It's still your favorite face to make...though you seemed to have forgotten about it for a while! It is back in full force and you do it all the time! You also love to snuggle and hug...still! I hope this doesn't go away for a long, long time! You love to hook your little fat around around our necks and squeeze as hard as you can. It really is the best thing!
The next time you turn a month older it will be your first birthday! I just can't believe we are there already! I remember the day you were born so clearly...and the long hours leading up to your birthday!

You are the sweetest boy and we love you so much!

Happy 11 months Coop!