Monday, March 30, 2009

The New Bike

After spending a couple of days hanging out with his older cousins, the boy decided he needed a bike.  Every time he saw one he would start in with "Bigh! Bigh!".  When we walked past them at Walmart & Target he would try to get on them. So... we caved... we got him one of his own.
Luckily his dad found just the right one... and it was a vintage looking Radio Flyer... I have a weakness for the vintage Radio Flyer stuff.  It is so adorable... I just can't stand it!  It even has it's own bell!

We also made sure to get him a helmet. Might as well start with the safety now!  Could he be any cuter... I mean really!
Oh my GOSH, I could eat him up!

Here he is telling his dad that he wants to try it in the street... we nixed that idea... the boy was very unhappy with us... then he got over it.

He is giving it a good try!
We will keep practicing... eventually we will try it in the street... and our world will never be the same.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tonka Tough

To him... everything is a riding toy.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Just some stuff...

Pregnancy is not for the weak... that must be why I am having a hard time... I am a weenie. These days I have MORE than sufficient ambition... but my energy drains way too quickly to get much accomplished.  I wish humans had babies more like chickens.  Laying an egg would be awesome.  I could keep it warm all night and large parts of the day (for other parts I could put the heating pad on it) then when the hubby got home he could take over while I continued to accomplish what I need to do.  Who doesn't think that sounds perfect?  No maternity clothes, indigestion, stretch marks, etc. And for me... no more kidney stones!  But, that just isn't how it is so I trudge on through these last days and tell my self to get over it!

On a lighter note... for those who have been so curious, this is the fabric for the girl's nursery. Could it be any cuter? There will also be some red in the mix.  Oh, I love it. Oh and yes, I did refer to her as the girl because she STILL has no name... nothing... not even a possible possibility. Sigh.
Now, about the boy. I swear he cracks us up more and more every single day. What wonderful entertainment all wrapped up in a squeezable little package. So FUN!

So, last summer I bought him a fishing hat. (We were headed to Colorado where his father, both grandfathers, Uncle Jeff and 2 cousins would be fishing... he needed to blend in with the other boys... and Katie).  It was a little big then, but it worked fine.  He re-discovered his hat not too long ago and has been sporadically wearing it every since.

This is how he ate breakfast the other morning...

Man, that is one cute face... if I do say so myself!  I have a feeling we will have quite and eclectic little dresser on our hands.  I am working on preparing myself now... I have issues with not matching.