Friday, January 26, 2007

Ta Da! The Peanut Picture

Well, after I had my first sonogram the doctor told me that I could not make photocopies of it because the paper was heat sensitive. So after thinking about it, I started wondering if that meant that I couldn't scan it in either since I would assume that the picture would receive the same amount light and heat as it would from the copier. So I didn't do anything with the picture all this time for fear that I would ruin it. But the doctor gave me two pics, one not so clear, so I decided that if I ruined the bad one I would still have the I tried...and it worked just fine!

So here he or she is...

This is the only pose we could get because apparently it was nap time for the little peanut and it was not the least bit interested in moving. I assume you can tell what it is...the head is to the right with the arms directly below then the body. This angle doesn't really show the legs. He/ She is lying on his/ her back...much like our dog does when she sleeps...I guess it runs in the family!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh, the things they will say...

One of the first things my sister warned me about (when I told her I was pregnant) was all the "useful" advice everyone would have for me including all of their morning sickness and labor stories. I could see that this may be a problem, especially since I work at a church and have so many "friends" to give me the advice (which translates to mean all the little old ladies that share too much info anyway).

So far the morning sickness stories haven't been too bad since most of them have come from people I know a little better. I have enjoyed hearing their funny memories of those exciting first several weeks of hurling and eating. But I was a little shocked the other day when someone said "at least now you look healthy."

I have been thinking about that statement today. I look healthy. Why is that? Is it that pale green look I have much of the day from nausea, maybe it makes me look more tan. Or is it the fact that my chest is beginning to pop out of my clothes, boob jobs always make you look healthier. Or is it the little pudge in my gut that popped up overnight and makes my pants too tight thus causing me to have to do the rubber band trick just so that I have something to wear. Maybe it is the fact that since I have such a hard time with nausea in the mornings I just don't care what my hair looks like and so I go through much of the day (okay, all day) all frizzy and stringy and pitiful looking (it matches the green skin pretty well I think!).

So I have come to the conclusion that either this person was coming up with the best comment that they could think of to make me feel good (in which case they failed miserably and should have just stuck with "Congrats" or something)...or they had no idea that I am all emotional and sensitive right now with all the hormones raging and that one little off-handed remark would have me in such deep contemplation for so long.

Well, at any rate, if you want to look healthy it seems that all you have to do is get pregnant! Good news, huh?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Year In Review

Well, I'm back! I know that everyone is just SO excited! Anyway, we had a great Christmas and a Happy New far! I did have to come back to work today, so the jury is still out on the Happy New Year part! :)

I just wanted to share my Year in Review letter with everyone. I know...yawn...but you may actually find this one somewhat exciting...I do at least!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope that this year has been a good one for your family. For us, 2006 has been busy, sometimes stressful, and uncertain at times but in the long run it has been good.

In July we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and were able to take a trip to Colorado. Randy fished to his heart's content while I just enjoyed relaxing & sight seeing. The trip was a lot of fun (well, except for the time when Randy "caught" me in the back with his fishing hook... that hurt a little) But the trip came at the perfect time since we were in the big middle of our move to a new house.

This brings us to the next major event...The Move!

We had planned to put our house on the market in the summer since we were so sick of our pool and wanted more space. But as it happens we ended up selling the house before we even listed it! This was both great and a huge nightmare (since we had no house to move to)! So after some very stressful and serious house hunting…we finally got our new home. And it was just in time too, since we were about to have to end the search and find a rent house! Since then I have been busy painting and decorating! I only have a few rooms left and it is really starting to feel like home.

But our greatest accomplishment this year was still yet to come! We recently found out the happy news that we will be having our first baby in summer 2007. Just the finding out has been a little adventure in itself - we weren't quite expecting it yet! We were able to tell our parents with special Christmas gifts... which was too much fun! We don't know much more about the happy news, but we will be sure to let you know as time goes by!

We hope this New Year will bring many blessings to your family. We look forward to all that 2007 holds for our growing family!

Randy & Kara