Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Belly These Days

Several people have been asking to see my growing belly lately - so against my better judgement I am posting a picture. I have had to cut out my head because I look very annoyed in all the pics - which I am not saying this is exactly why, but it may have something to do with the way my hubby takes pics. He tries to go for the spontaneous look (which he calls "natural") and so my expression varies quite a bit...mostly between annoyed and rolling my eyes. But I am NOT saying that was the problem.

And by the way...if you think I look huge just keep it to me, I feel is what I have to say about it:

- If I don't make it past 37 weeks I am so okay with that (however, I would like to at least make it to 37).

- I can't really do anything about how big the belly is getting. I try, but he grows when he grows.

- I am more than happy to have a very healthy sized baby! I would rather he not be 9 lbs or more, but if he is healthy...the daddy and I are happy! Well, if he is 9+ lbs it may be a while before I am really happy again, but you know what I mean!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Reasons I Love Being Pregnant #2

No more pesky zippers on your pants! Elastic-stretchy-band pants are not so bad after all!! Although, when I do start wearing real pants again - I wonder how many times I will forget to zip up! Oh, well - it is tons of fun for now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Preparing the Nursery Part #2

Here it is!!!!

I finally convinced the husband to put the crib together last night.

This is the little man is really cute and will be the perfect size for him as a little boy. It has a mirror too, but I think R had reached his maximum frustration level by the time the crib was finished.

This is just a look at the wall...

It is all very cute! He also now has a name to go with his fancy-pants new room, but we will let you know all that info soon enough!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Preparing the Nursery - Part #1

So here are some pics of the nursery at this point. Well, actually this was mostly from last week, and we have come MUCH further in the process. I hope to finish all the painting this weekend - but we are having company so I make no promises!!

Yes, well it doesn't look like much... and I didn't forget to paint the bottom. Randy has now finished hanging the bead board along the bottom. The hold-up is me trying to paint all the little nooks that come as part of the bead board package!
I had gotten in trouble - shortly before this picture was taken - for having the music WAY too loud and not properly ventilating the room (from the husband). Parenting skills are already kicking in for the dad-to-be! (love you honey)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day

This is what I got for Mother's Day...

Several people asked on Monday if the husband got me anything. They all stated that they had considered calling him to make sure that he knew that even though I had not yet given birth...I was still a mother. But never fear guys - he did a very good job. This will be the boy's birthstone...unless he is born a bit early...then we are in trouble.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Bit of Wisdom from the Husband...

Monday was a very action packed day of kicking for our little boy baby. He seemed to be moving constantly - most of the movements being pretty hard little kicks. But I was telling the husband that yesterday he was very calm (he must have worn himself out). He was calm until about 9:45 last night that is. At that point he started soccer practice again.

So the husband says "Well, does he usually move around much during the day?"

"Not as much as he does at night."

And (here is where the wisdom thing comes in) R says "Well, you need to get him on a schedule! Keep him up during the days so that he will sleep at night. And while you're at it - go ahead and start on the potty training too."