Monday, December 18, 2006

Deck Those Halls!

So, I am running incredibly late with this, but oh well!
Better late than never...or whatever!

The Front Door

The Fireplace

And...the tree!

I didn't get a picture of it, but my favorite ornament on our tree this year was the Laffy Taffy ball from Wal-Mart (filled with Laffy Taffy no less) that my husband put up there as a special treat for me! He's so sweet!


To Butch...

Okay, so I didn't get around to posting Christmas decoration pictures Friday...I am a terrible person! But now that our bazillion Christmas parties are over...I actually have time to do important things again (like blogging).

Anyway, I thought I would share this with you 2 or 3 readers out there. I got this Christmas card over the weekend (hand delivered) from a sweet church lady and this is what the envelope says:

Kara& cute husband (Butch, I think)
Ah-hem. My husband's name is not Butch...not even close! More like Randy. Sorry honey!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, this week has been one big exciting blur at my house! We have Christmas party after Christmas party...and no end in sight! Tonight we are the hosts at our house for the Youth Leaders party.

So, all that to say...sorry for the lack of updates (Marci!) but I am working on it!! I hope to be part of Boomama's Christmas Tour of Homes...but I forgot to get pics before I left the house! I'll put them up ASAP...which won't be until after 3.

Stay tuned...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Vote DCB!!

If anyone out there is a David Crowder sure to go here and vote for him to be artist of the year on MSN. They are up against INXS, Prince (gimme a break), Christina Aguilera, and Kenny Chesney. I would say they are hands-down the best choice out of that group.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Did you know?

Did you know that after Thanksgiving it is impossible to find yard stakes for your Christmas lights?

Me either.

Stupid me...I only bought 50 back when I decided that I wantd to run lights down the sidewalk...I needed 100. So on Saturday afternoon when I finally had time to work on it, I started putting out the lights and realized we were not going to have enough stakes.

No biggie...I thought.

So the husband and I lock up the house and make a dash to Wal-Mart (which I thought was going to be the worst part of our outing...Wal-Mart on Saturday).

Well, just as I expected, the Christmas section was so jam packed with people you couldn't even drive a shopping cart through it (not that people weren't trying to anyway). And low and stakes...and none expected in any time soon. We were told to try to think of an alternative.

So we head off to Lowe's. No stakes. Now keep in mind that I have half of the sidewalk done.

So, after a couple of other stores, we decide we are going to have to rig it ourselves. Here is our solution.

Wire hangers & Zip ties

The husband cut and shaped the hangers while I zip tied my little heart out. But I think it turned out okay!

Half the time I was out there... zip tying each and every light on... the lady down the street was standing there watching me. Like "Ha, I got my stakes in plenty of time...LOSER." I almost went and asked her if she wanted to help, but I thought that would not be very Christmas spirity!

Oh and thanks hubby for making the make shift yard stakes... even though you would have been more than happy to not have any outside lights at all!

Friday, December 01, 2006

No Snow Day Here

Well, it got below 40 degrees we shut down the office! You gotta love Texas! It starts to get cold and people freak out about the possible ice! Now, in all fairness it was 32 and very wet outside...and the bridges did ice over. And, let's face it, I am not the least bit upset over leaving work 2 hours early (and still getting paid for it)!

But at 5:00 pm yesterday evening it was as dry as can be outside and the sun was shining away! No snow, no sleet...just cold! Bummer!