Tuesday, February 26, 2008

They didn't tell me this in those pregnancy books!

The other day I caught myself looking at a largely pregnant soon-to-be-mommy and thinking how wonderful pregnancy was. When I realized what I was doing I quickly slapped myself back into reality... I am over it now.

Anyway, I was reading over some posts that I did not ever publish and I found this. After reading through it... I slapped myself again for thinking the aforementioned thought. How quickly we forget those miserable post-partum days (or the dark days)!!!


So, I know that I am certainly not a veteran at this motherhood thing...but I have a bone to pick with all my girlfriends out there! I don't think you guys were very honest about the whole becoming-a-mother thing! There are quite a few things that I am discovering that I NEVER read about in those pregnancy books or learned in childbirth classes! For example:

1) How long it takes to be able to comfortably sit again... I guess the answer to this varies a bit...but it takes a while!

2) That your boobs feel like bowling balls that you wish you could remove for showers, sleeping, walking...well, any time other than feeding your newborn.

3) What the hell happened to my stomach for cryin' out loud??? Will it ever look even a little bit like it did before?

4) How long it will be until I can fit into my regular clothes...still waiting on that one! The outcome has everything to do with #3.

5) That I would feel like a failure AT LEAST 4 times a day.

6)That no matter how mentally stable you know that you are pre-baby...you will question your sanity constantly after your little bundle arrives. I am not sure if it is lack of sleep, hormones, or that I am really losing it...but I am waiting for the voices in my head to shut-up!

7) That I would be able to look at my son and wonder when his real parents were coming to get him.

Let me just say... it really does get better! It seems that God has a sneaky way of helping you forget the bad stuff, and longingly remember the good stuff. And there is a lot of good stuff. I was pretty sure, immediately after I had the boy, that he would be an only child. But now, six months later, I can't imagine not doing this all again! I am still wondering about #3... I think my belly button is forever ruined!! But hey, it was worth it!

The Look

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Large Man at the Pharmacy,

I understand that you probably had no idea about the kind of day I had today. I know that you have no way of knowing that I started the day with an almost flat tire that I had to air up (only to find out that I really didn't know HOW to air up a tire) and which caused me to be late to work... and you probably didn't know about my frustrating work day, or the fact that I was called to the day care center to get my son who was throwing a fit to end all fits... or that I had just almost been broadsided by a teenage girl that had no idea what the speed limit was or, for that matter, what YIELD means. BUT I would have hoped that you could tell, between my toting a squirmy 6 month old on my hip, wrangling my wallet and keys and a pacifier and trying my dang best to open the dang door... I would have hoped you could muster up just a little bit of gentlemanliness and opened the door for me. I see now that I expected too much and some how lost track of the fact that manners no longer mean anything in today's society since you graciously waited for me to open the door for YOU, what with your empty hands and all. But I did want you to know that you taught me a valuable lesson this evening... okay, two valuable lessons. The first being that I am grateful to have a husband who still believes in chivalry (whom I can always count on to hold open doors... for me or anyone else) and the second being that I will be sure to do everything I can to instill that in my squirmy son.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness,
Mrs. Little Adventures

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mr. Grabby-Hands and the Valentine's Day That Wasn't

My goal for this week was to take some super cute Valentine's Day pictures and send out some super duper cute cards to celebrate V Day and the fact that the boy is now 6 months old! But the boy has had a fairly high fever all week and has been in NO mood to pose for any pictures. I think he is finally getting back to his old self now, thank goodness, but there has not been much celebrating going on around here. Our Valentine's Day consisted of two tired parents and one grumpy baby... oh the joys of parenting... goodbye romantic evenings... hello poopy diapers. Anyhoo, it is all worth it and we are having fun despite the drama.

This video is one of the funniest snippets of film I have. The boy has become mister grabby hands. I can't carry him out of his room without him grabbing the light switch plate, the wall, the door... pretty much ANYTHING in his reach! He even grabs at things that are no where close to being in reach. His favorite items are the tv remote and the telephone. He can spot the remote in a pile of toys... from a mile away...in the pitch black darkness of night... he really has a gift for finding it. The stupid thing is the most dull shade of gray ever invented... but he can see it, no problem.

Well, Happy (late) Valentine's Day!