Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today he said...

For those who don't know, that is my dad's name (grandpa). Somewhere down the line a grandkid couldn't say grandpa so it came out Pawcaw (it was also coleslaw at one time). Can't remember if that was D or G or maybe H. Anyhoo, he knows his Pawcaw!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be an advocate...

When I was in college I remember watching an episode of Oprah about child advocacy. It was such a powerful story that I decided right then and there I wanted to be a child advocate. I knew in my heart that I could be that person to someone out there, the person to stand up for the innocent, abused, unloved, etc. The reality of that job has not been easy to achieve. It involves a lot of volunteer hours, and I had to get a paying job. I know that someday I will do more in this field, but I have decided that I will start small...

I love my boy. I never - in a million years - would have imagined this intense love I have for my baby. I love him so much that I worry about his future. Everything from an upset tummy to being bullied in school. If I could I think I would wrap him in bubble wrap for the rest of his life, not just his little body, but his little heart as well. I don't want him to experience pain or grief, just happiness and joy.

I know the reality of things, though. If I was this protective of him he would never be able to thrive as an individual. It would do more harm to him than good. And he would never grow to be compassionate and loving if he never experienced pain. But I can be one thing to him, I can be his champion. I can stand up for him and protect him when needed. I can cheer him on through victory and defeat... be a shoulder to cry on... and love him forever... I am his mother.

I find myself in a world of "social justice". All my peers seem to go on and on about the children in Africa, the children in India, the children in Ethiopia. Save the children, drill wells for their water, feed them...etc. Let me make myself clear, I care about all of these children. I think that God gave us the ability to support them in many ways and as a Christian... a mother... and a person, I want to do that for them.

But let me also make clear that there are children right here in America that may very well have fewer rights than any of those children in other countries... they need our help too.

There are children right here in America that have no rights at all. Not the right to live, not the right to medical care when they do survive, not the right to have a voice, not the right to be held or loved or nurtured, not the right to grow up and make a difference in this world, not the right to experience any victories or defeats. Why? Because their mothers have the right to end their lives.

In this political season we have a choice to make. The most important choice we have had to make in a long time. And I am afraid of the outcome. I am afraid for all of those little voices out there that will never be heard because of the possible outcome of this election. I am not a political person... but I have to be an advocate this year.

Did you know that Sen. Obama supports abortion? Not only does he support abortion, but he supports partial birth abortion. And not only does he support partial birth abortion, but he has voted 4 times to deny the right to medical care to those babies who survive abortion... yes, that is right, some babies actually survive abortion.

Did you know that only 1% of women abort an unborn child because of rape or incest?* Did you know that only 6% of women abort a baby because of health reasons?* So that means that 93% of women abort an unborn child because of "social issues".

Did you know that Sen. Obama would face the possibility of electing up to 3 Supreme Court Justices during his term if he were elected to office? Do you realize that each SCJ he would pick will most likely support abortion rights for women? Who supports the rights of those babies?
My brother recently commented on this article by Randy Alcorn. I want to share this quote from the article.

"The blood of weak and needy unborn children is precious in God’s sight. Please don't tell me abortion isn't the only issue. Of course it isn't. Treatment of the Jews wasn’t the only issue in 1940 Germany. Buying, selling and owning black people wasn’t the only issue in the United States of 1850. Nonetheless, both were the dominant moral issues of their day. Make no mistake about it. In our own day if we support a candidate who defends abortion, who is dedicated to that cause, we are supporting the killing of children. Yes, even if he’s the coolest candidate to come along in decades."

I can't get it out of my mind... I had to say something. Please consider your decision to vote very carefully this year. Please don't just vote for the "cool guy," look carefully at where these candidates stand. Look at the things they might really make a difference in. If you want a candidate who supports social justice, I think that is great. Pick the one who supports justice for the children in America. Stand up for children's rights... be an advocate... be their champion.

Check out these stories:
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For more information about Gianna Jessen, check out
*The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You know you're the mom of a boy when...

Your entire day revolves around the trash man. Let me explain...

The day starts with helping dad take out the trash...
(is that not the cutest trash-taking-out outfit you have ever seen?!?!)
We never know when the trash man will arrive, but the boy can hear him coming from a mile away. That loud engine and squealing brakes can't hide from him... no sir! So, I had gotten the signal from the boy that he was coming and we sat eagerly in front of the playroom windows waiting... and waiting... and waiting. After 10 minutes of waiting we both lost interest. I assumed I had somehow missed the truck earlier in the morning. So we went to have lunch.

Then it happened... I heard the squealing brakes... I knew he was close, but where? I ran to the back door and flung it open to listen... he was coming. So I yanked the boy out of his highchair and sprinted into the playroom. Then we waited... and waited... and waited. ARGH!!!

Here we sat watching nothing while lunch was getting cold. But being the clever mom that I am, I had an idea. Lunch... in the playroom! Perfect!

Here he comes...

Front row seat to the action!

Bye Mr. Trash Man!
See you Friday!

(Yes, that's right. We get to do this again on Friday!)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Fall!

I was shooting some new pics of the boy the other day with my new lens. Once I really looked at them I realized that they looked very fallish... thus the title.

The baby squat
(made especially captivating by the addition of the thumb)

Not sure what this look is about...

This look... well this little head bob to the side is for when you have said something he doesn't want to hear... like... "come back this way, stay away from the street."