Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why? Because I am your Aunt and I think it is funny!!

(and your mom might have told me to... I'm not saying she did, just that it is possible it may have come up in a conversation at some point)

Especially for my sweet, precious, adorable Fovi... I mean younger L.
(You gotta love the hair)
And it would just be rude if I left out D... so here you go sweet, adorable, precious Sewer Booty... uh, I mean D.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

VBS week...need I say more?

So this week is VBS... and never again will I do 4th grade crafts, no matter how much someone begs and pleads and signs me up to do it even though I haven't said yes to it myself. And I say this, not because I hate doing the crafts (I heart crafts), or because the children are bad (they are wonderful) but it stresses me out too much. Every night I have been preparing, fretting, re-preparing, fretting, etc. Anyway, we are having a great time... and I am glad to be there.

Then this weekend is the BIG birthday for the husband! I won't say how old he will be for those who don't already know. I am sure he would complain about me broadcasting that out to the world! So we will be BUSY!!

But the boy has two teeth nubbins! Finally!!! He "bites" everything, especially the backs of my legs while I am standing in the kitchen (which seems to be all the time). And he pretty much drips non stop. But I have been mourning the the thought of losing that gummy grin! It is just too adorable. And soon I will never see it again... unless of course he doesn't take care of his teeth and they rot out, but still that just isn't the same.

So, in celebration of the toothless... I present to you THE TOOTHLESS GRIN: