Monday, July 02, 2012

Pooping and a Purse Room

Dear Carinna,

I think you are officially potty trained! Finally.

Girl, this has been a long and arduous road. I have mentioned before that you are stubborn...and that stubbornness does not get left standing outside the bathroom door, I'll have you know!

But really, the worst part was getting you to poop. That was quite a battle. I encouraged, pleaded, bribed...nothing would work. At one point I told you that I would get you a treat if you would just poop in the potty. When I asked what you might want you shouted "A NEW ROOM!! With sparkly stars all over it!" Then you paused for a second, then exclaimed "OR a ballerina room with them dancing all around!" Pause. "OOORRRR a purse room! Just purses EVERYWHERE!"

My thought had been something off the Dollar Spot at Target...but the purse room might work too! Also, I'd like to know how long you had been thinking about this new room thing, it sure did roll of the tongue awfully fast!

Anyway, you fought against the urge for over 24 hours which ended up making you constipated! When your body finally decided that enough was enough and forced you to take note of your poop issue... things got tense. I swear to you that I felt like you were giving birth to your first child! I chanted "push!" and said encouraging things like "you can do it!" and "you're almost there!". You broke out into a sweat. I felt anxious. Then you began to cry and tell me that you couldn't do it and that it was too hard. In return I told you that you had no choice, it wasn't going back in...and that you could do it!

And you did do it! Finally.

Spending 75% of my day crouched on a little stool next to a potty chair isn't really my favorite way to pass time. But you sure did make it entertaining! And funny! You are the funniest and sweetest little thing and I love you to pieces!

Congratulations on becoming a big girl! Way to go!