Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Some very funny (though a little misguided) things that my husband has said since we found out I am pregnant:

1. "I want us to have an old-fashioned delivery. The kind where I sit out in the waiting room."

2. "…and so I said 'I don't have a problem with dirty diapers…I don't do diapers so why would I have a problem with them?'"

3. "But the baby likes it when I tickle your feet."

4. "If it is twin boys let's name them Anakin and Eragon!"

5. One night (after a long day of "morning sickness") he asked if I was okay to which I replied he said "Well, you only have 7 more months."

6. "Here, just get a to-go box… you'll be hungry again in an hour."

7. "Did you poot? Do you need to? Can I video the delivery so I can catch you pooting?"

8. "I think I am gaining sympathy weight."

9. The husband and Dave went to pick up the crib we purchased a few days ago. On the way he said to Dave "This is kind of's like going to get your first dog house for your first puppy!" To which Dave replied " is NOT like getting a puppy!"

10. After we both suffered from a stomach virus a couple of weeks he said "I think I can handle the sympathy weight...but this sympathy puking really sucks."

11. When trying to pose for the belly shot below, I told him that I wanted to look pregnant but not which he replied "I can't do both here." It is really a good thing that I love him. A really, really, really good thing.

Just imagine a huge eye-rolling on my part after each of the above statements!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pregnant Belly 1

So here it is, for my mom and sister, since they want to see what my belly is looking like! This was a week or so ago (I haven't grown anymore since). And I have not gained but about 8 lbs. so it seems everything is just shifting forward (or clinging to my back).

I got to hear the heartbeat yesterday, and so far everything is looking good. And by the way, they can't tell from the heartbeat if it is a boy or girl because it was right at 140 (and the doctor said that is an old wives tale anyway)!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Updated w/ Pics! Fabulous Las Vegas

Well, we have finally taken our "last trip before I get too fat - I mean pregnant - to do anything" trip...which was in Vegas... and oh-so-fun! I was - and actually still am - totally exhausted! I have hit that part of pregnancy where all you want to do is sleep and take a nap and then sleep again, after eating of course!

Anyhoo, our trip included a classic car exhibition, dinner at a crazy expensive but yum restaurant, the Bodies exhibit (which wasn't anything dirty), the Shark Reef, a little shopping and of course some gambling - which I assume isn't a sin if you are winning.

But probably the funniest thing about our trip was at the airport on the way home. Our plane was running late so everyone was just hanging out watching tv or reading. I was reading a book and the husband was reading Money magazine (of course), when this guy walked up and sat across from us (facing the tv). We both looked up... then at each other... and I said "Is that..." and he said "Ron Jeremy!" Now, not many people know who Ron Jeremy is but for those who do, please allow me to explain how we know who he is! A few years ago we watched this show The Surreal Life - which is a reality show on washed-up has-been celebrities. He was one of the celebs along with Tammy Baker, Vanilla Ice - you get the point. Let's just say that Ron has acted in some movies that hopefully no one who reads this blog has ever seen - not family type movies for sure.

So there he was... sitting across from us... and he is pretty gross looking in real life. If I hadn't known who he was I would have found him to be very creepy! Well, okay... he is really creepy looking whether I know who he is or not! He slept most of time (with his chin on his chest) and I suggested to the husband that we take is bag, but then I decided I would rather NOT know what was in the bag... if you know what I mean. And the funniest thing is that the husband took some pictures with both of us and Mr. Jeremy in them without the guy even knowing what we were doing!

Cool Slideshows

Thursday, February 08, 2007

What time is noon?

On the 2nd Thursday of each month we have a LLL (triple L) meeting which stands for Live Long and Like It - it is for the senior citizens of our area. They get together and play dominoes all morning, then have lunch followed by a program such as "How to not be taken advantage of by salesmen" or something like that. Well, you know old people, it doesn't really start until noon, but they get here at 9:00 am to get a good parking spot and play dominoes.

So anyway, this morning I get a phone call from one of the LLL ladies, here is how it went:

Me: "FBC, this is Kacole."

LLL Lady: "Uh, yes honey, what time does the program at noon start?"

Me: Is this a trick question? "What time does the meeting at noon start?"

LLL Lady: "Yes... today... what time does it start?"

Me: "Uh, it starts at noon. The noon meeting will start at noon today." As though we would start it at 1:00 pm or something...just to throw them all off.

LLL Lady: "Oh, okay. I wasn't sure if it started at 11:00 or not."

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I usually want to pull my hair out at the end of the day!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just some random things...

This weekend was quite the adventure at my house. It started off with a nice stomach virus that my husband caught...then politely shared with me. Let me just say that a stomach virus...while pregnant...and not totally past the morning sickness/ nausea thing...really not cool. It just seems like a cruel joke...if you eat you'll puke...if you don't'll puke. I mean...what the heck!

So yesterday, when I was finally back among the semi-living...I was watching the Learning Channel and A Baby Story came on. Since I have now joined the pregnancy ranks, I thought I would watch it. So it was this story about a woman named Trina and how she and her husband had just gotten married when she found out she had breast cancer and that the chemo treatments would make her sterile. Then after the first round of chemo she finds out that she is pregnant. So she has to stop the chemo and take pain meds to make it through the pregnancy. The dad is so excited to be having a baby, but both are worried about the cancer. At this point I have quite the lump in my throat.

Fast forward to the delivery...which goes pretty well...then they run tests on her to see about the has now spread to the bones...I begin the light sob. Then it goes to their first few days at home with the sweet new baby and shows the dad saying that he doesn't want to lose his wife and the mom saying she doesn't want to leave her baby (little heavier sob). the end...the screen fades to black...and reads IN LOVING MEMORY...
Oh that's's on now...there is no controlling the tears at this point...what the heck kind of crap show is that anyway? I thought is was supposed to be some and-they-all-live-happily-ever-after-feel-good-about-childbirth kind of show! See if I ever watch that crap again, I can't handle it!

THEN, did anybody see the TODAY show this morning? OH.MY.GOSH!!! The cute little segment on moms drinking during play dates...go to the website and watch if you have a chance...really. So they have some doctor and some crackpot woman who wrote a book about it...I the panel. And the question comes up (via an email that Meredith reads) that basically asks if there is a gender bias on drinking around kids since nobody seems to care when the men are standing around downing beers while the kids trick-or-treat. And...I kid you not...the crackpot woman says "Well, I was drinking at Halloween too. What if mom and dad are both drinking? We are both the primary care takers. Do you have to have a designated parent?"


As a responsible adult do you really have to ask that question?

I am all about having a drink now and a matter of fact I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can have a nice glass of wine or a big ol' margarita...eagerly. But give me a break...designated have to have a designated driver...aren't your kids a little more important? Ugh! I have to go now...all this anger may induce the vomiting again!