Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three Years

 Dear Carinna,

Today you are three years old.

I was just looking at you the other day thinking you couldn't possibly be 3 already! But, never the less, here we are.

 This past year has been quite interesting with you! You make us laugh and you also make us want to pull our hair out! One minute you're cute and funny and sweet and the next you are throwing up pea soup while your head spins around! Okay, it's not that bad. But you can be horribly stubborn and strong willed about some things!

Dad and I were just talking, not too long ago, about how hard it is to correct inappropriate behavior but not squelch your personality. We battle this with all three of you. Being a little stubborn, or a little sassy, or a little head strong are not bad things...but we have to teach you how to control them. Balance. It's all about balance.

 You are such a little mommy! You are caring and compassionate and your own way. I was sick a couple of weeks ago and you were so concerned about me. You asked me continuously if I was okay. I was pretty sick and wanted to reply "NO! I'm dying!" but I thought that might be upsetting to you! Thankfully you were very helpful to me during that time! We recently received Luke's graduation invitation and it has several pictures on it. In one of the pictures he is not smiling. You have been very worried about what is wrong with him in that picture and why he isn't happy. You love on and "help" Cooper to the point of making him mad! But in your mind, you are being sweet and helpful. And much of the time you are being pretty sweet.  I love to watch the nurturing side of you! You will be a great mommy some day!
 You love to snuggle and cuddle, especially when you are tired. Dad and I both enjoy that. Some day you won't want to snuggle with us, so we enjoy it while we can.

You are still quite attached to your blankie...and your thumb. We are working on getting you to believe that three year olds don't suck their thumbs. You don't seem convinced.

Over the last year you have moved into a big bed! It has been fun to make this transition! You did very well with it and did not have to get in trouble for getting out! The only problem we seem to have with the bed is your desire to jump on it!
Your hair has grown quite a bit over the last year! It is still pretty uneven on the sides, but long enough for pig tails and pony tails. You always want a braid in it. You think this makes you look like Rapunzel! My daily challenge is trying to figure out a way to put a braid in your hair and still make it look cute (remember, it's pretty uneven!).

You are NOT!! interested in potty training! This, alone, may make my hair totally gray!  I just assumed it would be so easy with you...since everyone says girls are so easy to train. But as I mentioned are very stubborn! I have tried every bribe and happy dance I can come up with and you still couldn't care less if you used the potty or not. I think you enjoy feeling a little like a baby when you get your diaper changed!

 Two years ago, in your first birthday letter, I predicted that you would be a talker. Last year, in your second birthday letter, I confirmed that prediction. This year, I would like to say...I had no idea how right I was!  I think that sometimes you talk just to hear yourself talk!  Often times, whatever you say is followed by a short burst of though you are letting us know what you said was meant to be funny or silly. The laughter is funny in itself! It is almost a nervous habit!
 You have quite a knack for the drama. Everything is exaggerated a little much. Things tend to make you "VERY, VERY HAPPY!" or "Weally, Weally sad." A small injury turns in to a 10 minute crying session. Heaven forbid you not get a good nap! The grouchy level is through the roof if you have not had your proper rest for the day!  "Princess" comes to mind as a good way to describe you!  But your drama brings an added flair to our lives that we would sorely miss!
 Carinna, despite any of the seemingly negative things in this letter, I want you to know that you are the best daughter we could ask for!  You are perfectly matched to our family by God Himself and we couldn't be more thankful to have you!  I hope this birthday is a wonderful and exciting time for you and that you feel how much you are loved and enjoyed by your family!
I am hopeful about many things for your future, but my wishes for you are these:
-May you always be a nurturer, always be compassionate and always be willing to take care of those around you.
-May you always be sweet, always have just a little sass, always have a stubborn side and always follow your gut.
-May you be confident in yourself but not be afraid to ask for help.
-May you keep your carefree and adventurous least to some degree!
-May you always have a sense of humor and seek the good in things.
-May you always remember that God made you...and He makes all things beautiful!

We love you so very much!
Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Carinna Grace!