Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day!

It actually snowed here the other day! We were quite astounded! So we kept the boy home from school, bundled everyone up and went out to play!

I was worried that it would stop snowing before I got the kids out to see it so I was rushing to get everyone out the door ASAP! The girl had to wear her brother's old snow suit. Poor thing looked like a boy the entire morning!
The snow was so wet it felt like rain! The boy was excited... not so sure about the girl.

It was coming down pretty hard most of the morning!
Caden tried to catch it in his mouth. I think he got one or two flakes. The white around his mouth is actually powdered sugar from donuts!
Poor little girl... looking very un-girly.
Randy made a snowman while Caden relentlessly pelted me with snowballs!
We ended up getting somewhere around 4 inches. This was just the beginning of the snowfall. About 2 hours from the time this picture was taken there was a great deal more snow on the ground.

Good memories and fun times... and LOTS of wet clothes!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 months old...

So, you may be thinking to yourself... wait a minute, today is the 20th not the 17th... and Carinna was born on the the 17th... that would have been her 9 month birthday...
And if you were thinking that... well... you would be correct. So let's just say that I may or may not have totally missed the 17th... I am NOT saying I did, but let's say... oh... for argument sake that I did. It's no big deal right? I mean I am posting the pictures now... who cares if it is a few days late? Right?

Ummm, yeah... so here you go...

Uh oh, I think she heard me say I forgot her 9 month birthday.
Oh that is just great.
Twenty minutes and one sign later... I think we are okay again. Nothing that chewing on a piece of brother's race track can't cure.
So anyway, she is now 9 months old. Time is going by so quickly I just don't know what to do!

She still has no teeth, though there are two just waiting to come through at any minute!
She would rather be standing than anything else.
She gets into everything she possibly can!
She loves to steal her brother's toys.
She only wants finger foods... baby food is for... well, babies.
She says mama, dada, and I am pretty sure she says hey.
She likes to throw herself backwards when she is mad.
She is very sweet.
And adorable.
And funny.
And I love her.

Happy (late) 9 month birthday little girl!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching Up...

I realized today how long it had been since I updated... so I figured I had some catching up to do!
So here is a rundown of what has been going on around here...

Caden got a haircut... his first real-not-from-a-family-member cut.
He didn't like it.

Then the church burned down... now we have Bible study here every week. Arson. Very sad.
The kids got new car seats! Very exciting! (Actually Carinna got Caden's old one... he got the new one.)

Even more exciting was the box it came in.

Well, mostly to the boy anyway...

The boy had a "program" at school. (As in they sang 3 songs... of which he did not sing one word... too busy looking for mom & dad in the crowd.)

It was family day... they served lunch after.

We've been learning to love each other and be helpful.

The girl started eating finger foods... which she LOVES! (PLEASE ignore the hand-me-down bib from her brother... poor planning on my part!)

I broke down and bought a Thomas the Train video. It was a HUGE hit.

The girl discovered my camera...

The boy discovered his pockets.

Well, I think that pretty much sums it up. We are just sitting around tonight waiting for the snow! I am not holding my breath that we will actually get any, but who knows! I would love to get a good snow so that the boy can experience it!