Friday, September 30, 2011

6 months!

Dear Cooper,

Today you are SIX months old! Wow! How time flies! On one hand I am so glad you are getting bigger- showing more personality, sleeping, becoming more sturdy on your own, eating more...etc. On the other hand I am a little sad at how quickly you are leaving babyhood behind! In the blink of an eye you will be a year old!

You are the happiest little guy! It is very rare for you to really cry. You will squeal and fuss at us when you are becoming unhappy...but you are really upset if you actually cry! And 90% of the time you will stop crying when someone talks to you. I always know when you are ready for a nap if you don't start laughing when I talk to you. Tiredness causes you to lose all your sense of humor!

Lately you like to make this face....
Actually, you make this face ALL the time. You went to run errands with me the other day and I swear we ran in to at least 10 people we hadn't seen in a long time. None of them even knew you were here...or they had never seen you in person. This was the face you made to! I kept making excuses for you... then I just laughed every time because it was as though you knew you were being a toot!
It's hard to believe you looked like this 6 short months ago! Who knew you would be a 23 lb 6 month old!
You have graduated to your big car seat! It's a bit of a pain when going to the grocery store or Target because you can't sit up yet and so I still have to drag the carrier along with us. But you are getting very close to being able to sit on your own. I think you'd have it if you didn't always lunge for your toys! That big head knocks you off balance!

Again with the face...
You have moved beyond rice cereal into foods. As with your brother and sister, your first food was avocado. You were off to a good start with it, but then you seemed to realize you weren't having cereal and your face squinched up and you shivered! Since then you have tried apples, peas, bananas, peaches, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, prunes and pears. Sweet potatoes seem to be your favorite! Carrots are your least favorite! The first bite of carrots shot right back out as quickly as it went in. Next we will try acorn squash! That was Caden's favorite.

Your brother and sister absolutely adore you! You have started laughing a lot at both of them and they eat it up! Poor Caden has a hard time coming up with new material to make you laugh. He repeats "Cooper! Hey bud! I'm your big brother! You're so cute!" over and over. You stop laughing after a few minutes of it. Lately he has added "Look at that smile! Look at that smile!" to his repetitions! Carinna, on the other hand, will do any crazy thing she can think of to make you laugh. She also bosses you around all.the.time! I'm not sure how I could ever be an effective parent without her help! She is always setting you straight when you "misbehave"!

You, like your sister, are going to have sensitive skin! We are battling all kinds of issues with it so far. It's hard to keep things cleared up, but hopefully you will grow out of it soon enough! At least we already have the proper supplies to help you out...thanks to Carinna!

You still wear 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. I don't have your exact measurements because you don't go to the doctor until October 20. I do know you weigh 23.6 lbs.

You are the sweetest little guy and you make everyone smile with your joyful personality! We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next month holds for you in your growth and development!
Happy 6 months Coops!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We got to spend the day with the "grands" and "great" on Pawcaw's birthday! The kids were so excited Grandma and Pawcaw were coming to visit...then I told them we were having cake & ice cream too and they almost exploded with excitement! It was like Christmas! A couple of them probably even tinkled in their pants with joy!
Our Mimi also came to celebrate the day! And she brought pudding! Woo-hoo! Caden thought he was in heaven with cake, ice cream AND pudding all in one day! Not to mention it was the world's best banana pudding!
I love this picture! Mimi is 90...not bad, huh?

Thanks for sharing your birthday...and cake... with us Pawcaw!

Friday, September 02, 2011

First Day of the 3rd year of preschool...

As with anything in which I ask the kids to pose for pictures at the same time...these are not the best photos! Carinna is in a phase where she refuses to look into the camera. And Caden feels the need to be silly in every picture! So this is what you get...
Caden and Carinna began a new year of "school" earlier this month. Caden began his 3rd year and Carinna began her 2nd.
When they got home, I began going through their backpacks and emptying their lunchboxes. For some reason Carinna's lunchbox felt awfully heavy so I opened it up and found this...
Not only did she not eat her seems she also sneaked a few extra items into her bag before we left the house! That girl is BUSY and you never know what she is up to! It's actually a little frightening! I laughed (an cringed) about this for a long time...especially when I realized some of the things that she could have put in there! I was thankful it was just a car and bullet!

Here's a little recap of the past three years of preschool...