Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Dear Caden,

This year you have started "real" school. We decided to go a different route with educating you kids and so we have sent you to a blended model school. So far, so good! We have been told that the academic rigor for this school is very high. Throughout the course of your education there will be much expected of you...but so far you LOVE it!

When we got your first lesson plan I discovered that you would be expected to do a lot of memorization. I was a little worried about that since you can't seem to remember- in the time it takes you to walk from one room to the next- what you went to the next room for. But, you are amazing me with your capacity to memorize! So far you have learned the Lord's prayer and the first 22 books of the Old Testament. I mean...come on...Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes... these are not the easiest words for a 5 year old to remember! But you've got it!

The other day we were doing a math assessment at home. I was to lay out 8 linking cubes (unlinked) and ask you to "do what I did." You set them out exactly as I had. Then I asked you "what makes these (the two rows of blocks) the same?" You sighed deeply. You leaned forward, put your chin in your hand. And said "Well...they're both horizontal."

Horizontal was not the word I was expecting.  To say the least! I'm not even sure where you learned that word...or it's meaning...but you were correct!

None of your answers to that question were "typical." Never once did you say they were all linking cubes, they were both evenly spaced, they were all right-side up. Nope. Those "simple" answers never occurred to you.

I think that sums you up so well. You're a deep thinker. An analyzer (Lord help us)! The obvious things don't interest you, you want to know more...to dig deeper.

Answering all your questions isn't always easy and sometimes we lose our patience...but I hope you never lose your curiosity. I hope you always dig deeper.

Today we had a parent/ teacher conference with Mrs. Stovall. She said that you are doing very well. You seem to be learning and transitioning just as you should be.

Dad asked Mrs. Stovall how you were interacting with the other kids (he was afraid that since you're the oldest you might be too bossy). She said that you are a leader among your peers. We are glad to hear that. We hope you set a good example!

You're a smart kid and you impress us every single day! Keep up the good work!


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